Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Another Weekend

So turns out we are taking pictures and doing new things faster than I've been able to write about them! Thought I would let the pictures do the talking this time. These shots are from the wonderful time we had last weekend with Nick home. Thanks to Guam for providing the gorgeous weather (it's in the heart of rainy season, so it's hit or miss these days). Enjoy!

Nick got off work early on Friday so we started the weekend by jumping in the boat and wandering aimlessly along the shoreline. One thing I love about Guam is there are lots of random islands off shore everywhere. Many of them have some great reefs full of life. It's so easy to jump out of the boat and take a peek.
 We pulled into this gorgeous cove and explored the beaches for a while. Lots of tide pools full of critters (fish, crabs, and Nick saw an eel). My favorite part was floating in the warm water.
A view of the bay from the road. Nature on this island is truly breathtaking :)

On our hike to the Talofofo Caves, we found this giant leaf, put in perspective next to my foot. Most of you know I am no size 6!

 There are supposed to be six caves. After hiking up muddy, rocky hills through a jungle of overgrown palms and spider webs, we were able to find four of them. We think a fallen down tree is blocking the trail to the other two. The caves we did find are completely legit. Nick threw a stick  into this one and it took 3-4 seconds before it hit anything solid. Crazy!

 So apparently a Japanese soldier from WWII found these caves and decided to hide in them until the war was over. They found him in the 1970s... he thought the war was still going on. I don't know about you guys, but if I were hiding from a war, I might come out and get an update after say, less than 30 years. This guy must have been so happy to find out it was over... or so pissed that he lived in a cave for 30 years for no reason.
 Spelunking anyone?

The cool thing about this place is that it's easy to fit in a lot of things in a short amount of time. Take your average Sunday. We went to church, then hit golf balls at the driving range, then dove a shipwreck. Of course, all of this great fun was balanced out when we came home and watched Florida and Navy's losing football games. Needless to say, we were glad we hadn't wasted the sunshine watching lousy football.
We dove a ship called the Tokai. It's in the harbor by the navy base, so it's an easy 5-minute boat ride. All in all, it only took about an hour to put the boat in, rent tanks, go to the dive site and dive it.
We saw some pretty cool stuff on this wreck, the most interesting of which was this massive eel! It never poked its head farther out of the porthole so we don't know how long it was, but its head was the same circumference as a grapefruit! These things look super creepy with their piercing electric eyes and snaggly underbites, but rest assured they are the fish equivalent of all bark and no bite. Nick stuck his fin towards the eel's mouth to see if we could get him to bite, and he immediately retreated back into his hole. 

All in all, a great weekend. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I feel as though you guys are blogging after you shipwrecked on a deserted island! What an adventure you live! I can't believe the story about the guy in the cave - that is crazy!


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