Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Warning

Just a quick update before we head to bed that Guam's tsunami warning is scheduled to be lifted in the next half hour or so, and as of this writing, no tsunami-related activity has been reported on the local news here. We are fortunate to live on a very high peninsula several hundred feet above sea level, so we have not had to worry about our home tonight. In fact, we saw the navy driving some of its vessels on trailers up the hill toward our neighborhood, adding to our comfort level about our elevated location. My main concern tonight has been for our church, which is basically at sea level in the central part of the west coast of the island. I suspect that no news is good news at this point.

We have heard from our friends stationed in Japan that they fared okay as well. However, we have spent the evening watching some unbelievable images on Japan TV. The earthquake itself looked terrifying and the tsunami flooding is inconceivable. I am hearing that several of my friends whose husbands are helicopter pilots in the region are already heading to the area to help with the rescue & recovery efforts. Please keep these guys and their families in your prayers.

Nick just got back from his first trip to Japan a week ago. I had the opportunity to go in September. Having been there, I now have a somewhat greater appreciation for all that may have been lost in terms of life and community. Asian countries used to seem so foreign to me, so far away from everything familiar. Their food, their customs, and especially their language and alphabet. But after spending time there, you realize they are moms and dads, coworkers and students, sons and daughters just like we are. The world won't know the extent of the devastation until the sun rises tomorrow, but I suspect it won't be good news there on many miles of their coastline. Prayers until then... and fingers crossed that the rest of the Pacific Basin fares as we so fortunately did tonight on Guam.

Peace & Blessings,


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  1. Peyton,
    I just heard the news of the earthquake and tsunami and sought out news of the situation in Guam. I'm so relieved to hear that you guys are in the clear and that your friends in Japan are okay! I was just catching up on your blog last night -enjoying tales of your trip to Saipan. I have lots more reading to do - and I love the pictures of the sea life. Thanks for adding the Tsunami update!


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