Monday, December 6, 2010

Blue Hole & American Tanker Remix

 Nick and I dove the Blue Hole and American Tanker on Sunday after church with two friends Caitlin & Colin. These are dives I have written about before the first time we did them, but we did the dives again with a new flash system Nick is trying out for our underwater camera. We are pretty impressed with the photo quality so thought I'd share the pictures with you.
 Okay, so yes, I look a few fries short of a Happy Meal in this picture, but the point is this was taken about 100 feet down and it is SO clear! Now if I could just figure out how to get that goofy look off my face.
 Usually a picture taken from this far away at 50 feet down would be spotty and faded. Not anymore!

 Caitlin and I found ourselves surrounded by some very brave fish. We're guessing the Japanese tourist boats must come here and feed the fish because these things were not shy. I had never seen the two-prong tail fish before. Maybe Nick or Caitlin will pipe in with a comment and tell us what they are.
 This eel was massive - about the circumference of a cantaloupe!

 Caitlin and Colin in front of the American Tanker flag. They are moving off Guam next month (boo!) so we decided to pack in some of the best Guam dive spots into one afternoon. I am going to miss my golfing, diving, hiking buddy. For any Virginia Beach friends reading this, I've got another one coming your way in February :)
 This is Nick's new favorite underwater stunt - removing his mask and regulator and taking a regular looking photo. It makes my eyes water just looking at his eyes open in the salt water. He says it doesn't bother him that much...

Another gorgeous afternoon diving off the boat with friends. Logged my 36th dive and I am now just over an hour away from reaching 24 hours under water!


  1. Great photos! Except for Colin and I sinking below the flag! :) I checked my handy dandy fish map but it doesn't have that fish, not so handy dandy. :( Check with Kate Moots at church, she's the resident Fish Head there. :) Thanks again for taking us, so much fun!!!

  2. Thanks! I have some other great ones I will send you. And I will definitely ask Kate - That's a great idea. Thanks for coming with us!

  3. The fish is definitely a sub species of triggerfish. It looks like a Redtoothed Triggerfish or Odonus Niger.


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