Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks Courtney and Ben!

 We are here in Manila and so far our work here has gone really well. I am excited to share more with you about it, but we are loading up for our second workday at the orphanage, so I don't have much time! Just wanted to share a few pictures with you from our first day at Concordia Childrens Services. We spent the day loving on 15 babies and toddles who live there and then did an after school VBS program for about 22 older kids who have families but live on the streets of Manila. 

About a week before we left on our trip I still wasn't sure what crafts and activities we were going to do. Guam doesn't have a lot of options in terms of craft supplies, so everything I came up with was either impossible to find stuff for or really expensive. As I was explaining this on the phone to my sister Courtney, she piped in telling me how she has all of that stuff right in her craft stash. She said she would be happy to box it up and send it to me for us to take and use (and her fiance Ben said he'd be happy to cover the shipping to get more craft supplies out of their loft). The box arrived Friday morning, just in time. Going through the supplies, I suddenly got tons of great ideas for what we could do. So Friday at 4p.m., 24 hours before we were leaving, I had our kitchen covered in craft foam (fresh from the U.S.!). I got a burst of ideas that I ran with and suddenly our activities were set.

So yesterday the 22 street kids made Gospel Boards to celebrate the eternal life we are given through Christ (Romans 6:23). They used Court's stickers, foam shapes, markers, and glues to go to town on creativity. They had so much fun with it and were thrilled that they got to take them with at the end. I loved looking around the room yesterday at all the colorful foam covering the floor and the buzz of kid creativity filling the air, and knowing that my awesome sister and future bro had made it happen. Just another story of love that has made this trip come together.

Gotta run but can't go before leaving you with a picture of one of the babies. This is Mia Claire. Check out this little face! (No, she's not coming home with me, though it's tempting!). Thank you all for your prayers and support. Can't wait to share more!


  1. How fabulous! Although I better not show this to Colin as he'll catch onto Ben's idea and try to find an excuse to clear out my craft supplies from his man room. Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Have fun!

  2. awesome!! awww i want to take home little mia claire!!

  3. Love it! Can't believe all you have done this year!


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