Monday, August 16, 2010

Our “Happy Gilmore” Home

Hard to believe, but we've officially been in Guam for one month now! And one month in, I’ve had my first request for a writing topic, which is great for two reasons. First, it means at least one person out there is actually reading this (shout out to Kristen in San Diego!). And second, the request was for pictures of our new home, which makes my life easy since I’ve been spending a lot more time at home now that Nick is working and we only have one car, er, truck.
So as I may have mentioned previously, I didn't have the best first impression of our house here. In fact, I had a two-year-old-style meltdown the first time we saw it (luckily, the only meltdown of our first month here). But now that we're all moved in and have memorized where we put everything, I actually really love it. For starters, there are eight closets inside and two outdoor storage units. The closet at the front door where coats usually go (really, Guam?) is entirely dedicated to our golf stuff. Combine that with the fact that we live on Gilmore Avenue and aren't afraid to practice chipping in the front yard, and that's where we get our loving nickname, the "Happy Gilmore" house.
Continue through the entryway, and welcome to our living room, the only room we chose to paint (those of you who know Nick know he hates painting more than any other type of Home Depot-type project, so this was a real victory on my part). Nick came up with the genius idea to create a concert space for my keyboard (though when my disharmony fills the whole house, he may be rethinking just how genius this is).
Behind the piano is our sitting area, featuring our new rug, new coffee & end tables, and same comfy couches that are just as easy to snooze on here as they were in Coronado. I can't wait to watch Tuesday Morning Football in this cozy space.

One of my favorite areas, and the place where I update Peyt's Island from, is the dining space. On the left wall, we have a shrine to San Diego, complete with a panorama of the bay, a sailboat, a picture of our sailboat, and some of our favorite mementos from our last home, including the grace book that many of you have been forced to read out of before diving into steaks. Yes, the tradition continues!

Moving into the kitchen, you'll immediately notice the beautiful marble countertops... Okay, so I'm pretty sure they stopped designing kitchens with these materials the year I was born. But while the design choices leave much to be desired in terms of aesthetics, the cabinets hold all of my kitchen gadgets and dinnerware while the countertops and layout make for a very functional food prep space. All this to say, I really love cooking in this kitchen.
And here's one of the reasons I really love it... We used our second cable box for Nick's old computer monitor from the Academy, and voila! I get to watch Sportscenter, or HGTV, or the Food Network while I make meals! More pure genius from my favorite husband.
Attached to the kitchen is a beautiful area I like to call "our first washer/dryer that does not require quarters or stepping foot outside the house!" Those of you who saw our last place may notice the old desk from the office (which made a horrible work space), recycled into a microwave stand, which fits perfectly (again, Nick's idea).
Moving on, there are three hallway closets, one of which is entirely dedicated to Nick's tools, gadgets, and other man gizmos I don't know the names of.
There's a guest bathroom that's not worth posting a picture of, followed by a guest bedroom that is currently empty.
We are going to wait until someone actually buys a plane ticket before we invest in creating the Happy Gilmore Bed & Breakfast. Until then, it's a great space to store things that don't fit anywhere else.

Enter the master suite, with the "sweet" part being that I get this entire room-length closet all to myself :)
Last but not least, we have the office/Nick's closet/sewing room, featuring our new bookcase, desk & filing cabinet that we put together once we got out here.
It's nice having space for everything, and we realize we are truly blessed to have this much space for just the two of us, especially with such a great location near Nick's work and the water. Yay navy housing :)

Nick had his first full week of work last week and between working out, hanging out, and keeping in touch with friends & family back home, the time really flew by. In the evenings after work and over this past weekend, we were able to fit in fun things like diving, snorkeling, golf, cave exploring, and lobster-less lobster hunting. More on that to come. Until then, thank you for visiting our home! Let us know if and when you are actually visiting, and we'll get moving on that guest room.


  1. Peyton,

    Good morning from SD! I hope we can all Skype with you on Wednesday!

  2. Hey Peyton. Everything looks great out there. I am so happy for you two. Actually, a little envious. Things are good here. Mia started second grade and Jake still goes to Kindercare. Mia and I are still dancing hula and Brad...well, Brad is still Brad.

    Work is not the same without you. They still have not hired anyone for that position. I really do like having Chris around. She is a hard worker and I know she will hold up her end of the duties. Erica is still Erica. Yes... she is till with her loser boyfriend.

    I've been working upstairs in payroll because Emily decided to take a job at fire. Needless to say, we are spread thin. I think I am just in a "I hate my job" fase and hopefully it will pass soon. All I want to do is be at home with my kids. :) Oh well.

    Ok Ms. Peyton. You take care and I will keep in touch. Tell Nick I say hello.


  3. 'Man Gizmos' sounds kinda dirty...


  4. Thanks Tom - My parents and relatives read this. Geez!

  5. I love the rug in the living room. It looks so pretty with the paint color. It's amazing how furniture can look so different in new spaces. Very pretty!

  6. LOVE the new office furniture! It's really pretty and simple. Can't wait to visit!


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