Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exploring Peyt's Island

So I’ve been wanting to share with all of you what a typical day looks like out here now that Nick has started traveling, but until this past week I didn’t know myself.  I will say---it has been quite fun, and at times exhausting, figuring it out. The first night after Nick left, some of us went out for Karaoke night! This will definitely not be a one-time event.

I have to say it would be pretty easy to sleep in every day here and wake up whenever I want, which sounds deceivingly wonderful.  Actually, a good day around here is one where you have a reason to set an alarm. Most days that’s for a workout class at the gym down the street, which has a pretty nice selection of yoga, spin, and body sculpt classes to get me moving in the mornings.  
Also in the past two weeks I have tried some new things, such as playing golf with the ladies.  Until last week, I’d only ever golfed with Nick.  It’s great playing with him, but it was also fun with a group of girls. Wednesdays are great because ladies play free at the beautiful air force course. No excuse not to get out there. 

Another first was playing 18 holes all by my big self! It somehow sounds lonely or lame---but not at all. I actually really enjoyed it. It was easy to focus and I found myself hitting some great shots.  Still haven’t broken 100 yet, but it’s coming soon… I can feel it. It's official. I'm addicted.
Yet another new activity has been swim lessons. Okay, so you know from previous diving pictures that I obviously know how to not drown in the water. But I’ve been wanting to learn how to swim a stroke properly so I can ride my bike to the pool or run to the ocean for my cardio workouts or swim back to shore if I'm ever lost out at sea (not to scare you, Mom). I was referred to a lady who my friend took lessons from. She referred me to her daughter, who had me meet her at the pool this morning. Typical Guam. When I got there at 10, we found out the pool didn’t open until 11 (yes, SD friends, this is why I missed Bible study). Given the 20-30 minute drive to get to the pool, it just made more sense to sit and wait. So I waited and I’m actually glad I did. I got excellent instruction in freestyle and breaststroke. My next lesson is on Friday, and the great news is that the pool is right down the street from the golf course. Friday’s going to be a good day!
Sailing with Kate & Andrea

I also finally went sailing out here. It was a bit of a disastrous start, since I hadn’t rigged a sailboat that small from start to finish since 7th grade sailing camp (and surprisingly no one on the marina staff knew how to rig it).  Let’s just say, for the first time in my memory, some trees were involved in a sailing outing.  I’ll just leave it at that.  Luckily I had some adventurous friends on board.  Once we got out of the harbor, we had a lovely sail, with some hefty winds and beautiful sunshine.

And my last new activity is hiking. On Sunday my friend (and golf buddy) Caitlyn, who goes to our new church, took me up to the top of Mt. LamLam, the highest peak in Guam. It’s only 1,332 ft. above sea level, but rumor has it that since the “mountain” of Guam technically starts in the Marianas Trench (and isn’t at risk of “capsizing” as some Congressmen presume), this peak is the largest gain in elevation on planet Earth (38,300 ft.). No need to attempt Everest anymore. 

From the top, you could see a 360-degree view of the entire island! In some ways it made the island seem so big, with its beautiful rolling green hills. On the other hand, you can see the entire island from one viewpoint. Pretty small. Luckily we could also see a storm in the distance. We went down quickly, esp. since LamLam happens to mean "lightening."
View to the south - Cocos Island
View to the north - everything else
In my free time (which I suppose I distinguish from my “active” or “social” time), I’ve been reading my old journals (which is beyond entertaining), playing the piano, Skyping into my old Bible study, and hanging out with new friends. There’s only been one point where I was on the verge of a freak-out.  This past Saturday I spent the entire day by myself, worked out, golf course, cleaned the house, ate dinner and somehow it was only 5:45pm.  Was wondering what I was going to do with myself for the whole evening (I was somehow the only person from the entire command whose husband was gone). I got an unexpected knock on the door about 8:00p from my neighbor, asking if I would join them for a movie with her and her two boys (6th and 10th grades). So we saw Step Up 3D (which was actually really good). I was so grateful to be saved from a first Saturday night alone! Just one more example of how great the military community is out here. And somewhat ironic that we moved here all the way from San Diego and still ended up living next door to Mexicans.

So, lots of fun and games so far. I’m not sure how it happened, but the rest of my week until Nick gets home is booked, starting tomorrow when I have my first appearance at work! I look forward to telling you all about that next time. Until then, Hafa Adai and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sounds idyllic! So fun to see pictures of you getting out and doing everything Guam has to offer! Keep them coming!



  2. Aww thanks for including me! Glad to help keep you busy here. I consider it a full time job just to keep myself occupied during the week!


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