Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Celebration of Guam's Sunsets

I took some time during our 16 hours of flying back to the States to further organize the thousands of pictures I have taken during the last two years living abroad. Through this sorting process, I discovered that we have amassed quite a collection of photos of Guam's incredible sunsets. So as the sun sets over our time on Guam (I mean, it's the perfect segue...), here are some absolutely stunning sunsets I am excited to share.
 Sunset over the treeline
 Sun set over the ocean

 Our 1st Guamiversary sunset
 Sunset from Dadi Beach
 Sunset from a mountaintop
Sunset from our driveway

 ... and another
 Sun lowering over Orote Peninsula, taken from Gab Gab
 Sunset behind cloud making shape of island of Guam!
Sunset at Mt LamLam - Best sunset watching spot on the island

 Sunsets casting shadows on the mountainsides below LamLam

Sunset behind LamLam cross

 Back to the driveway

 Around town, sunset views are great from Two Lovers Point
 The beach in Agana
 Asan Beach Overlook

 The backyard of our church in Hagatna
Clouds certainly make things more interesting

Tired of sunsets? Okay, fine... here's a rainbow.

And another one... below us at Asan Beach Overlook

 And another taken from our boat just off the coast of Agat

Sunrises aren't too bad either

Back to the driveway

 This was probably the most memorable of the two years of sunsets... taken in Saipan.

And I think of all of them, this one is my favorite. The sun only settles in this crease at the end of Orote Peninsula a few days a year. We were lucky enough to head to Gab Gab on this exact night at this exact time and snapped this incredible picture.

So many wonderful sunsets... so much to celebrate :)


  1. oh Peyton! I love these. What wonderful pictures to capture all these beautiful memories! Thanks for sharing friend:).

  2. Those sunsets are so beautiful they look fake!

  3. You need to print some of these out - especially the amazing one from Saipan - and frame them in your new home.


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