Monday, January 23, 2012

San Francisco

Court - come to Guam and I will show you how I got this great tan
One of the new perspectives I've acquired living all the way in Guam is that when you go back to the States, everything seems really close together. So when I knew I would be in San Diego for a week, I couldn't not travel the measly 500 miles north to San Francisco to spend the three-day weekend with my sister. The flight was an hour long and cost $45. That, my friends, is air travel heaven.

This was a very special trip to the Bay Area. My sister has met a bunch of new friends over the past few months that I have been hearing about and finally got to meet. In fact, one of her friends organized a wine tasting tour for us through Sonoma County. So during my 4th or maybe even 5th visit to the Bay Area, I actually got to feast my eyes on America's wine country. Soooo beautiful! The pairings weren't too shabby either.

Court's fabulous new friends
 And I was so thrilled that during my limited time there, it worked out to meet up with our Bay Area cousins, Dawn, Olivia and Katie. We spent the afternoon shopping and drinking hot chocolate on a most blustery Bay Area day. Much as I hated to leave California, it was kind of nice knowing it would be my last shivery day in the States. Great to see you girls, as always! Quit growing up so fast!!

Overall, I had a pretty fantastic time in the lower 48. Even spending five weeks there, there were still so many people I didn't get to see and so many things left on my wish list. But after that much time away, I was definitely ready to start the trek home. And, lucky me, the only way to get home is through Hawaii :)

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